the woodlanders 32nd new forest exhibition

Burley Village Hall

Open Daily 10am - 5pm including Sundays

September 7th to 22nd 2024


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Nigel Chant Nigel Chant

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Nigel Chant.

Hi I'm Nigel and I'm a woodworker.

I have always had an interest in wood since school but did not have the opportunity to use it until around 2008 when a reduction in work commitments allowed me to spend time creating items on a small second-hand lathe.
Covid lockdown and an ongoing neck problem forced the sale of the last in a line of lathes in 2020, however the love of working with wood meant looking for an alternative way to be creative.
My new favourite tool is the bandsaw, and it's my go-to when crafting something new. I'm always looking for new ways to use my knowledge and skills to create unique pieces that people can appreciate and recently I have started to use resin to add colour and texture to my projects.

Nigel's Woodcraft

More of Nigel's woodcraft to follow.