the woodlanders 32nd new forest exhibition

Burley Village Hall

Open Daily 10am - 5pm including Sundays

September 7th to 22nd 2024


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Terms and Conditions

Not all of The Woodlanders have access to emails. All artists though, have an email address listed on their page. All emails to '' based addresses are redirected to '' where I will contact them on your behalf. Additionally in cases where you have difficulty contacting them by their preferred method then an email to The Woodlanders may produce the result you require.

General Enquiries for The Woodlanders Exhibitions contact Suzan Houching 01425 40­2584.
Non urgent enquiries then email The Woodlanders

Each artist welcomes enquiries from potential customers by phone or email. In the event that they cannot be contacted then email them using The Woodlanders and I will try to forward your enquiry.